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Divorce Over 50

Protecting Your Financial Future In A Divorce

Lead attorney Stephanie A. Dietz understands that no two marriages – no two families – are alike. She provides legal solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of her clients, taking into account all the circumstances that make them unique including divorce over 50.

An increasing number of older people in northern Kentucky and around the country are finding out that if they want to pursue a divorce, it is crucial to have a family law attorney who recognizes their needs as they plan for the future. This includes knowledge of Social Security benefits, retirement accounts, investments, tax consequences and budgets.

As attitudes toward families and marriage have evolved over time, it is clear that a divorce might happen at almost any stage of life. For some people, especially baby boomers, that means re-examining their marriage after many years, even decades. Older-age divorce can be a solution, but it is one with many variables and potential complexity.

What To Consider In A Divorce Of Couples Over 50

Older adults seeking a divorce have many issues to address that might not apply to couples just starting out. These could include:

  • Dividing valuable assets, including investment accounts and retirement plans
  • Tax implications of selling real estate, including a couple’s primary residence
  • Seeking spousal support with the goal of transitioning to an independent lifestyle
  • Estate planning, including establishing trusts and creating or revising wills
  • Ensuring a reliable source of income, which could involve decisions about drawing on Social Security benefits

Attorney Dietz will take the time to listen and evaluate every aspect of your case and guide through the process from start to finish.

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