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Providing Viable Options To Settling A Divorce

Lead attorney Stephanie A. Dietz recognizes that not all divorces end up in litigation. For some divorcing couples, mediation may be a better option – one that is often quicker and less costly than a conventional divorce.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can be used in family law matters. It is an alternative to the traditional approach of litigation. Instead of arguing their respective positions before a judge, magistrate or domestic relations commissioner, the parties in mediation work with a neutral third party specially trained as a mediator.

An Alternative To Traditional Divorce

When parties agree to mediation, the mediator facilitates a discussion between the parties. Many people also choose to involve a divorce attorney, but this is not required. The mediator identifies the salient issues between the parties, helps generate options for a resolution and ultimately guides them toward an agreement.

Many people who go through the process find that mediation allows them more control of the solutions that are reached. Divorcing couples often find this preferable to having a judge, magistrate or domestic relations commissioner – who has no relationship with them – make major decisions about their finances and child custody.

Learn How Mediation Can Benefit You

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