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Child Support

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At the birth of a child, both the mother and father are required to take on the obligation of supporting that child financially. However, when a child’s parents are not living together, financial obligations sometimes are not fully met by the noncustodial parent. When this happens, it may be necessary to ask a court to order that child support be maintained.

Rely on our attorney at Dietz Family Law PLLC to work with you to help resolve child support matters. We advise Kentucky and Ohio parents who need a trusted legal adviser on their side when parties do not see eye to eye regarding child support issues.

Legal Guidelines And Calculating Child Support

The states of Kentucky and Ohio each have their own guidelines for calculating child support amounts. These guidelines are based on the income and/or earning capacity of the parents, as well as the number of children who are to receive support.

In some cases, parents present to the court reasons as to why the child support guidelines amount is inappropriate or unfair and asks the court to deviate from the guidelines.

In other cases, there are issues with establishing the amount of income earned by one or both of the parents. This can arise when a parent works sporadically, is self-employed, is underemployed or runs a cash-based business.

After the child support obligation has been determined, changes to parents’ working arrangements or to custody and parenting plans can lead to alterations to the payment amount. Known as post-decree modifications, these changes need to be approved by the court in order to take effect.

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Lead attorney Stephanie A. Dietz has extensive child support experience related to family law matters. She represents both mothers and fathers in child support cases. Regardless of which side of the river you live on, you’ll have a respected attorney advocating for you and your unique situation.

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