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Divorce For Professional Athletes

Your Legal Advocate In Divorce for Professional Athletes

Cincinnati has a storied history when it comes to professional sports. Professional athletes from a variety of sports have played in front of loyal fans from the region since the 1800s. Many of these athletes have chosen to live in the tri-state area, especially in northern Kentucky, in the offseason or after their playing days have concluded.

Divorce for a professional athlete shares many similarities with other high-asset divorce situations. However, there are circumstances unique to professional athletes that require legal representation with specific legal knowledge and experience. In Edgewood, Kentucky, lead attorney Stephanie A. Dietz is prepared to take the extra steps necessary to ensure that athletes or the spouses of athletes receive the attention they need to handle what can be an extensive legal matter.

Providing High-Quality Legal Representation

Professional athletes and their spouses face unique issues. These considerations often include:

  • Multiyear contracts that may be partially or fully guaranteed, contingent on performance
  • Income from player contracts, endorsements, appearances and other ventures
  • Partial-year residency in multiple states, along with real estate or other investments in multiple locations
  • Estate planning and financial considerations for a retirement that could last several decades after a playing career
  • Asset protection strategies that make business and personal sense
  • Parenting plans, child support, spousal support and paternity issues that can involve multiple jurisdictions
  • Prenuptial agreements in anticipation of marriage to protect either spouse’s interest in the event of death or divorce

Attorney Dietz understands that privacy is a concern for clients who are well known to the public, such as athletes. We take this into consideration when advising our clients so that their best interests are always upheld, both financially and personally.

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