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Quality Family Representation
"Because It Matters"

Our attorneys at Dietz Family Law work with you to craft a strategy that makes sense for your situation.

Stephanie Dietz, Esq.

Rely On An Attorney Who Truly Cares

Divorce and family law issues are as unique as the people who experience them. At the Kentucky law firm of Dietz Family Law PLLC, in Edgewood, our lawyer understands this because she works to get to know our clients.

Our partner attorney, Stephanie Dietz, offers the personalized, one-on-one attention that people who are going through life-changing events can depend on.

Stephanie Dietz has extensive experience with a range of family law matters such as divorce, child support, custody matters, and adoption. We know how important these issues are to our clients, and we work hard to earn our clients’ trust throughout the process.

Practice Areas

of Marriage

High Asset Cases
Child Support Issues
Custody & Parenting Plans
Separation Agreements

and taxes

Asset Division
Asset Protection
Estate Planning
High Asset Divorces


Agreement Creation
Path to Resolve Differences
Outline Steps toward Resolution


Safeguard Property
Outline Division of Assets
Protect Financial Interests
Spousal Support


Outline Rights & Expectations
Define Roles & Responsibilities


Focus on Settlement
Can Be Cheaper & Faster
No Court Appearance
More Private than Traditional Litigation


Alternative to
Traditional Litigation
Work With A
Neutral 3rd Party
Can Be Quicker
& Less Costly


Obtain Legal & Physical
Custody Rights
Visitation Rights
Child Support Orders
Expense Reimbursement
For Birth And Upbringing


Step-Parent Adoption
International Adoption
Private Adoption
Agency Adoption
Foster Adoption

Other Family
Law Matters

Unmarried Couples
Professional Athletes
High-Profile Cases
Business Owners & Family Businesses

Why Dietz Family Law?

Because if it matters to you,it matters to us.

Helping The Best People Through The Worst Times

Business leaders, high-ranking executives and professional athletes – as well as their spouses – often have unique situations that require specific knowledge from their divorce attorney. Asset division is considerably more complicated for high-income earning couples as well as those over 50 who have spent many years working, saving and investing. Dietz Family Law PLLC, is prepared to work with clients whose high net worth, diversified investment portfolios and unique tax issues are outside the scope of many other family law firms.

And, we do all of this in as cooperative an arena as possible. Not every divorce case is contentious. Stephanie Dietz in trained in collaborative law, a satisfying process where the parties work together toward a settlement through discussion and mutual respect. Many of our clients are leaders – collaborative law helps you lead the way toward your post-divorce life. You will not have a judge telling you how to divide your assets and debts or how to raise your children