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Unique Family Law Matters

More and more, we see family dynamics that deviate from tradition. And as the thinking around marriage has changed and fewer couples make their union official, we also see a rise in unique family law challenges. At Dietz Family Law PLLC, our experience working with a variety of family legal matters that affect pro athletes and everyday individuals has prepared us to tackle these problems and more.

If you are planning to break up with a partner to whom you are not married and you have concerns regarding other family law matters such as your children and your parental rights, we can help. Trust us to find the best solution for you and your kids today.

Issues Unmarried Couples Face After A Breakup

Since Kentucky does not recognize common law marriage, you will not have to go through the divorce process to separate from your ex. Without an established cohabitation agreement, however, you may still require legal help to settle the issues around the well-being of your children.

Should problems arise, we can help you with the following and more:

Marriage is not always the right option for everyone. But just because you chose not to get married, does not mean that your rights to a relationship with your children are any less important. When you enlist the services of attorney Stephanie A. Dietz, she will do everything she can to protect this right.

We Care About What’s Best For Your Children

Children need both of their parents in their lives whenever possible. To that end, we strive to help you reach an arrangement that allows you and your ex to co-parent without conflict. To discuss your situation in detail, get in touch with us at our office. Call 859-757-4234 or send our firm an email to arrange a confidential consultation today.