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Legal Separation

Guiding You Through A Legal Separation

Couples who are not 100% ready to finalize their divorce may feel that they have an all-or-nothing choice in front of them and that they must decide between staying in an unhappy situation or choosing a legal end to their marriage that they might regret. However, this is not the case. One option that is often overlooked is a legal separation. Lead attorney Stephanie A. Dietz has extensive experience in helping numerous people set up legal separation agreements. She will listen and work with you to find the best possible solution that addresses your concerns and lifestyle, now and into the future.

Key Components Of A Legal Separation

Essentially, the terms of the separation are very much the same as they would be in a divorce, but with a key difference. If the issues or conflicts that led to the separation can be resolved, then it can be discontinued. However, if these issues cannot be satisfactorily resolved, then a divorce can be approved rather quickly – making the separation terms permanent. In either case, an experienced family law attorney is a key component of the process.

When A Legal Separation Is A Good Option

Clearly, many of our clients in Kentucky and Ohio have their minds made up about divorce already and have no need or desire to go through the process of a legal separation. But there are instances in which it can be the most practical way to proceed, offering either a path to work to strengthen the marriage or end it for good. Many clients choose to pursue a legal separation as a way to give their spouse one last chance to improve their own life enough so that the marriage has a better chance of success. This often means seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction issues, securing steady employment or making other tangible changes and improvements to their lives. If this last chance is squandered, then the divorce – with the terms already approved – could go forward.

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