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Why some divorces are contested

It would be nice if all couples could stay together without ending their relationship. (Or at least have amicable divorces.) Alas, when it comes to divorce, things don’t always work out smoothly, which is why some spouses contest their divorce.

When a divorce is contested, it means that spouses struggle with agreeing on one or more issues in their relationship. Contested divorce gets bad press because it’s an expensive process that could take months to solve. However, sometimes it’s the only feasible option.

When the marriage is abusive

You suffered enough living with someone who hurts you physically or emotionally. Now, they’re doing everything to keep you from escaping and getting a fresh start in your life. Enlisting outside help can protect you from a meddling, toxic spouse.

If you suspect your spouse is keeping certain assets a secret

Some spouses hide assets because they want to prevent a court from making decisions about said assets during divorce proceedings. A contested divorce allows you to utilize discovery tools to locate assets and bring them to court.

Putting the children first 

If you have children, and you and your spouse can’t agree on co-parenting arrangements, this is where a contested divorce comes in. A court can put children’s physical and emotional needs first to make the best decision for them.

Complex property division 

Many spouses have joint retirement or savings accounts. But if they decide to divorce and disagree on who controls what, a court can aid them in resolving the problem.

A contested divorce is something most couples don’t want to endure. However, it could be the best solution in certain scenarios. If you’re considering contesting a divorce, seek legal assistance today.  

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