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Why is divorce for pro athletes more complicated?

Everyone knows that playing professional sports is an excellent job accompanied by many perks. Pro athletes get paid high salaries, have friends in high places, and have the personal validation of being famous.

Unfortunately, being a pro athlete has some unanticipated challenges. Professional sports’ rigors and lifestyle can significantly impact marriage and divorce, which may also negatively affect your sports performance.

Here is how a divorce can be more complex for professional athletes;

There are more assets to divide

Property division is less complex for most individuals as there is a limited amount of assets to be divided. However, for pro athletes, asset division can get more complicated. This is because they might have various sources of income, and working on the actual value of the assets can be time-consuming and require expert help.

Lack of privacy

Most people watching athletes don’t just do so when they play. Athletics fans want to know everything players do, including in their personal lives. So, if you are going through a messy divorce, they will make sure they know about it, and the media will be happy to help them out.

Pro athletes can hardly find a fixed routine

Sports seasons call for flexibility and routine changes. So when your spouse or both of you are athletes, your schedules might change according to the season. For example, you might be required to travel for some time on international tours or to training camps.

They are more likely to relocate

Sometimes, pro athletes get jobs that might require them to move to another country or state. However, moving might impact your kids’ and spouse’s life after the divorce. That said, you will need to devise a way for the two of you to spend enough quality time with your kids, which will be very hard if you live in another country or state.

A divorce can be challenging for a professional athlete. This is why, even before playing professional sports, you should consider getting legal help. This will ensure your career and income are safeguarded in case of a divorce.

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