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Who is most at risk for divorce?

If you follow national statistics related to divorce data, you may already know that the overall rate of marital break-up in the United States has been steadily declining in recent years. However, if you happen to be age 50 or more, then you’re in a high-risk group because the rate for late-life divorces has more than doubled in the past 20 years.

Like most other married couples, those in Kentucky often encounter challenges in their relationships. Marriage can really be tough, and even if you and your spouse are determined to stick it out, you may reach a point where you determine your relationship is no longer sustainable. The question is: Who is most at risk for reaching that point?

The younger you are, the greater the risk

While it’s true that gray divorce is on the rise, it is also true that people who marry before they reach age 20 are in a high-risk category, as well. You can legally do a lot of things when you turn 18, such as vote, join the military or enter adult nightclubs. However, most people would agree that people continue to mature well into their 20s.

In marriage, this can translate to spouses changing as they grow and such changes are not always in compatible directions. You may wind up at age 25 thinking the person you married at 19 is no longer recognizable to you. This is a causal factor in many divorce situations.

Did you marry because you were expecting a child?

Many women give birth to children out of wedlock. Some go on to marry their co-parents afterward. If your experience was similar to this, you are in a high-risk category for divorce. Some experts say this is due to the fact that such couples married because of a child they had in common with their partners as opposed to marrying for love.

It appears to be a family trait in many situations

You can’t inherit a tendency to divorce; however, if you are repeatedly exposed to it in your family, then you may be more likely to think of it as an acceptable option if your own marriage goes awry. Children who grow up witnessing the adults in their lives getting divorced tend to think of it as a normal part of life. If both you and your spouse have a history of divorce in your extended families, your marriage may be especially vulnerable to the risk.

Financial problems, low education levels, lack of guidance and other issues, such as infidelity, are also common causal factors of divorce. Speaking to someone who has provided support to spouses in divorce may help you determine a best course of action if you believe your marriage is headed down a similar path.

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