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Which factors could cause Kentucky parents to lose child custody and parenting time?

Many parents make the mistake of assuming that they can do as they please when raising their kids without it potentially jeopardizing their visitation or parenting time. That’s not the case if parents share joint custody of their child here in Kentucky, though. Moms and dads with joint custody must share in decision-making.

Also, even though there’s a presumption that joint custody and shared parenting are what’s in the best interests of minor children, it’s not a guarantee. 

Situations that may warrant a loss of custody and parenting time

The following situations could impact your custodial or parenting time rights with your child:

  • Using corporal punishment or physical force in disciplining your children
  • Accusations of domestic violence or a conviction for such (even if it doesn’t involve the child)
  • A violation of a child custody order, such as taking the kids without permission, keeping them longer than the scheduled visitation time or failing to turn them over at pre-designated times
  • Any instance in which a parent falsely accuse their co-parent of abuse
  • Any instances in which a parent appears to be struggling with substance abuse
  • Failing to send your child to school or failing to make sure they do their classwork

Allegations of general neglect can also be an issue. For example, the court could penalize you for not following your child’s dietary plan or needs or for leaving a young child alone and unsupervised at home.

What should you do if your custodial rights or visitation time are in danger?

One of the worst mistakes that parents make is allowing their conflicts with each other to spiral out of control without trying to address them right away. This can ultimately put your visitation and custody rights in danger. An experienced advocate can help you better understand your options.

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