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What is supervised visitation?

When a couple has divorced, the courts will seek to offer rulings that reflect the best interests of the child. This can be challenging at the best of times, but when one parent is undergoing difficulties such as mental health issues or addiction, the process may be trickier. 

In cases like this, the Kentucky courts will still pursue outcomes that ensure parent-child relationships are maintained. The courts may opt to do this by enforcing supervised visitation orders. This means that a parent facing troubles will only be able to see their child when another person is present. 

What does a supervised visit entail?

The main purpose of supervised visitation orders is to ensure that the child always feels safe. Generally, a person who is close to the child will be asked to attend. This could be a grandparent or other family relative. 

Frequently, visitations will take place in the home setting. However, if this is not suitable then visitation centers are generally available. Visitation centers tend to be strictly regulated, with specific visitation times. There are also usually professional counselors and social workers close to hand.  

Are supervised visitation orders permanent?

Typically, supervised visitation orders are temporary measures. However, the order will stay in place until the parent can show the courts that their circumstances have improved. 

For example, they may have received professional treatment that has significantly enhanced their well-being. If a parent feels they are in a position to have a parenting time order modified, they will have to apply to the courts for approval.

Familiarizing yourself with the law relating to child custody and visitation helps to protect your legal interests. Moreover, it could assist you in maintaining a healthy relationship with your child.

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