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Should you and your kids take a vacation with your co-parent?

What do you think about the many divorced celebrity parents who go on vacation together as a family? Could you spend your holiday sharing the kids with your ex?

More and more divorced families are vacationing together as a family unit. The concept of a post-divorce family vacation does promise some advantages, but you should also consider potential disadvantages.

The possible benefits

If you can tolerate or even enjoy a family holiday with your ex in tow, you won’t miss any of your child’s milestones, a top concern for those with young kids.

Other potential advantages:

  • Have an adult to converse with
  • Increase feelings of security in your kids
  • Save money by sharing vacation expenses
  • Have a trusted built-in babysitter for some alone time

You will also have assistance entertaining and supervising your children if you vacation together.

What are the downsides?

You risk your children developing false hope that you will reconcile with your co-parent. Depending on your circumstances, your ex might take your willingness to vacation or have a family dinner together as a sign you want to reunite.

Other disadvantages may include:

    • You could inadvertently interfere with the necessary grieving process children endure after a divorce.
    • If your vacations during your marriage were stressful, they might be just as stressful as a divorced family.
    • Any remaining hurt or anger either parent still feels could turn a post-divorce family vacation into an emotional, tension-filled nightmare.

Understand it takes time to find the ideal lifestyle after getting divorced. Once you and your co-parent have accomplished this, you can address vacations in your custody and parenting plan, whether they include the whole family or just you and your kids.

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