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Privacy matters when high-profile athletes divorce

Both professional athletes and college athletes aspiring to join professional leagues have to protect their reputations and personal brands. If these athletes divorce, personal mistakes and criminal activity could affect someone’s ability to renew their contract or get recruited to the best teams.

Mistakes in your private life could limit both your employment options and secondary streams of income, like endorsements. A messy divorce may not immediately preclude someone from a professional sports career, but it could do a lot of damage to their reputation and how fans perceive them.

Collaborative divorce is an ideal solution for professional athletes and college athletes facing the dissolution of their marriage.

Collaborative proceedings keep your records private when athletes divorce

If a Kentucky judge is the one making all the decisions about dividing your property or splitting up parental responsibilities, the solutions they suggest may not be ideal for your family. Even worse, you and your spouse may have to expose some very embarrassing or vulnerable details in court to secure a fair outcome.

Anything from infidelity to drug use or spousal abuse could influence how the courts rule and could also have implications for you as an athlete. When you collaborate with your spouse for an uncontested divorce, you get to set all of the main terms on your own. You also have the protection of confidentiality, as the process will not be public record the way that court proceedings might be.

Understanding that collaborative divorce is typically a confidential process can help professional athletes considering divorce make a more informed decision about the best approach to the process in their case.

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