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Joint custody means shared decision-making

In 2018, Kentucky lawmakers made shared parenting time a presumption if parents seek a divorce and parenting time is an issue. While this presumption can be overcome in certain cases, many parents do wish to share equal parenting time and joint custody of their children. After all, children generally benefit from maintaining relationships with both of their parents. However, if Kentucky parents share joint custody, that means they share the responsibility to make parenting decisions together.

Major decisions require both parents to agree

Even after a divorce, you and your ex-spouse are both still parents. And you must make decisions that have a major impact on your child’s life and upbringing, including:

  • Childcare options and expenses
  • Their education
  • Their health care
  • Religion

With joint custody, you and your child’s other parent must decide on these matters together. However, that is often easier said than done.

So, how should you approach shared decision-making?

It is helpful if you and the other parent address your plan for decision-making proactively. Having a plan in place can help parents:

  • Avoid disputes over major decisions
  • Ensure both parents follow the same guidelines to make decisions together

That is why creating a strategy for decision-making is a critical aspect of the parenting plan. You should carefully consider:

  • How you will maintain communication about major decisions
  • What rules you will follow when making decisions
  • How you will prioritize the child’s best interests in each decision
  • How you will approach resolving disputes and compromising if you disagree

Making parenting decisions is not always an easy task for unmarried parents. You might run into challenges while trying to determine what is best for your child. However, if you establish a plan for how you will approach decision-making in advance, it can help to make matters easier for the whole family.

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