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Is divorce stress throwing you off your game?

If you’re one of many professional athletes who live in Kentucky and happen to be preparing for divorce, you may be able to relate to those who say their personal problems sometimes get in the way of their performance on the field or court. Divorce isn’t easy, especially if there are children involved. If you are a top-performing athlete whose name is well known in the sports world, you might worry that the media will get hold of your story and the paparazzi will follow in droves.

Especially if your ex is making things difficult, such as refusing to agree on child custody, child support or alimony issues, it’s understandable you might have trouble focusing on your work. In the sports industry, a poor performance can spark a pay reduction or could land you on the sidelines or bench. That’s why it’s a good idea to build strong support network from the start so you can settle your divorce and stay on top of your game.

Channel the anger and energy

Divorce doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your sports career. In fact, not every athlete’s performance takes a nosedive when a marriage breaks up. You’ve likely had a coach tell you in the past to take your frustration or anger out on the field or on the court. By channeling stress and energy in a positive direction, you can actually wind up improving your performance.

You might need a break

Depending on your contract with a particular franchise, you might be able to take some personal time off. In situations where you’re having trouble concentrating or feel like you’re on the brink of an emotional breakdown, it might be better to sit out for a game or two than risk a low performance.

Find swift solutions to legal problems

It’s logical to assume that the sooner you settle your divorce and leave the past behind, the sooner you can move on in life and get your sports career back on track. If yours is a high asset situation, you’ll want to seek guidance regarding marital property, child support and other issues, especially if you did not sign a prenuptial agreement before you got married.

Your coach, your teammates, licensed counselors and others can offer encouragement and assistance as you adapt to a post-divorce lifestyle. Many professional athletes rely on experienced family law attorneys to negotiate the terms of the parenting agreements and other important matters of settlement.

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