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Is collaborative divorce right for you?

Divorcing spouses can be angry and distrust each other. However, that still may not change the fact that they want to end the marriage as peacefully and efficiently as possible. Under these circumstances, a collaborative divorce can be the best option.

There are numerous benefits to the collaborative approach, including retaining more control over the outcomes and protecting your privacy. To determine if it might be right for your situation, consider the following points.

Collaboration and high-profile divorce

People who are affluent or in the public eye have priorities and needs that other divorcing parties may not have. For instance, protecting your privacy can be a top concern. If you go to court, more details of your split will become public. Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, is a private, confidential process.

Further, your assets can be highly complex or vast, making property division a complicated process. Thus, methods like mediation may not be feasible.

Collaboration and co-parenting

If you are a parent, a collaborative divorce can get you on the road to a peaceful co-parenting arrangement. It requires parents to work toward a common goal and commit to a respectful process. These efforts can prevent the mudslinging and bitter battles that can occur when parties go to court.

Collaborating also sends a powerful message to your children by showing them that you can work together even when you are not together. Seeing this can help children feel more comfortable and secure during an otherwise tumultuous time.

Collaboration and keeping it simple

A divorce is an important event, but it can also be reasonably straightforward, depending on your approach. You can make things complicated by arguing over every issue or being unable to come to any agreements. You could try navigating the legal system yourself only to run into confusing requirements and costly setbacks.

Alternatively, you can commit to the collaborative process. Both people have legal representation and agree to stay out of court. If necessary, you can consult outside professionals on matters like custody or property division. Parties then negotiate to reach agreements. This approach is typically faster, simpler and less costly than litigating a divorce.

In these situations, collaborative divorce can be the best fit for you and your needs.

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