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Infidelity: Causal factors and post-affair options

Most Kentucky spouses can relate to the idea that marriage is not always a bed of roses. Life can be tough and marriage can be likewise. If you and your spouse have been together for five or more years, you’ve likely overcome your share of relationship challenges. Most of the time, you probably do whatever you need to do to set things right between you so you can keep your relationship intact.

Infidelity is one of the most common causes of divorce. Current data shows that approximately 41 percent of marriages contain one or both spouses who are engaging in extramarital relationships. What prompts a married person to seek affection outside his or her spousal relationship? When affairs occur, what do most people do about them? Some, in fact, are able to overcome their problems and stay married. Many others file for divorce. It’s always good to know what options are available should you ever face such circumstances.

Times when spouses are at great risk for infidelity

No two marriages are the same, so something that might not be a problem for you and your spouse may cause serious friction between another couple. While every relationship is different, the following list includes situations spouses often cite as issues that lead to affairs:

  • When parenting takes precedence over your personal relationship with your spouse, it can put a great strain on your marriage. Many spouses say that having kids caused a decline in their romantic relationships with their partners.
  • If you and your spouse are rarely ever together, you’re at risk for drifting apart. When spouses don’t spend quality time together, it may cause feelings of loneliness or isolation, which are often causal factors toward infidelity.
  • Many spouses complain that their partners spend too much time on the internet and not enough time in the present moment with them. This can cause serious rifts in a marriage, and can lead to loneliness, which can then lead to an affair.

Infidelity can cause irreparable damage to a marriage. It’s emotionally hurtful and many spouses decide they’d rather end their relationship altogether than stay in a marriage where they don’t feel like they can trust their partners anymore.

Planning for the future

Picking up the pieces after infidelity breaks down your marital relationship is definitely not easy. Especially if you were married 10 or more years, you will have a lot of memories and emotions to process as you take steps toward a future without your spouse. Building a strong support system is a key factor toward coping with divorce and also toward making sure you get all that you’re financially entitled to and all that you need to move on in life.

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