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How collaborative law protects your business in divorce 

Your business is important to you, and your divorce could threaten everything you’ve built. When business owners are at odds with each other, it’s just not productive. Worse, it can be outright destructive, especially if your fighting affects your company’s processes or reputation.

Collaborative law allows spouses to work together rather than taking on the role of adversaries. Not only does this benefit each person and the children, but it can also be in the best interests of your business.

Collaborative law upholds your dignity

One of the major concerns for business owners going through a divorce is privacy. The last thing a professional with an established reputation wants is for their private affairs to be aired in public. 

During the collaborative process, you are able to maintain some control over the situation.. Courts often only require access to the most basic documents, with confidential information largely being able to remain private. This can stop your private information from falling into the wrong hands, meaning that the reputation you have worked so hard to build is not placed at risk. 

Collaborative law offers efficiency

A litigated divorce can be drawn out, lasting for a period of many months. Generally, collaborative divorces can be concluded fairly quickly. That means it is less likely that you will have to take unsuitable time away from work, as the non-adversarial approach gives all parties a say in when meetings take place. 

Typically, the courts do not afford this privilege and you will have to attend as required. With the collaborative approach, you can balance your divorce negotiations with keeping an eye on the day-to-day running of your company.

As a business owner navigating divorce, it is certainly worth considering collaborative law. It is also in your best interests to explore your legal rights as a spouse in Kentucky. 

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