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How collaborative divorce benefits professional athletes

Professional athletes have demanding careers. They have to maintain their bodies in peak physical performance, carefully curate a public brand/persona and deal with intense levels of personal stress. Their career demands can put strain on relationships, potentially leading to divorce.

The end of a marriage can be messy for just about anyone, but for those in the public spotlight like professional athletes, divorce can cause long-term career harm. What comes to light during a divorce can damage how people perceive a celebrity and their future willingness to support that person.

Collaborative divorce can be a powerful tool for professional athletes who want to retain their privacy and personal power during a divorce. It can help athletes avoid many of the biggest risks that come from divorce.

How does collaborative divorce work?

In a litigated or contested divorce, former spouses treat one another as adversaries. They fight to secure terms that will make them feel like they won. They may present evidence about each other’s misconduct or failings in court or on social media for public support. However, this approach often leads to everyone losing because of how expensive and stressful it can be.

Collaborative divorce requires that spouses work with one another as partners in the settlement process. You work as a team to decide how to divide your property and how to divide parenting responsibilities.

When both spouses agree with the settlement terms, they sign a formal agreement and send paperwork into the courts for uncontested divorce proceedings.

What are the benefits of collaborative divorce?

The first and most obvious benefit of collaborative divorce is that it gives you the final say in the details of your divorce. You and your ex control how you divide your property and your parenting time rather than a judge.

The second benefit is privacy. Your communications with your attorneys and your negotiations with one another will typically be confidential, meaning that the details of your marriage and of your divorce don’t necessarily become part of the public record. Finally, collaborative divorce can make the whole process much faster. You only need the courts to officialize your divorce rather than to review evidence and make major decisions about it.

Thinking about different approaches to divorce can help professional athletes find the best solutions at the end of their marriages.

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