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How can you make divorce better for you and your children?

If you have children, you need to think carefully about their future when you divorce. Ending a marriage can be beneficial to your kids if it puts an end to the conflict between you and the other parent. Yet, only if you correctly handle things.

Unless you have a valid reason not to, it is best to develop a parenting plan that enables your child to spend time with both parents. Most children will be better off when both parents continue to play an active role in their life. There will, however, be exceptions, such as if one parent is abusive or has a severe addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Good communication will make divorce simpler

Many marriages break down because communication breaks down. An antagonistic divorce process will only make things more difficult. As separating spouses, you have issues you need to sort out. As parents, you will still need to communicate with each other for years to come while raising your child. Keeping things civil will benefit everyone.

Before you say or do anything, think about how your decision will affect your kids. Step into their shoes and see how it will make them feel if they only saw their dad once every two weeks. Or if you only paid the bare minimum of child support, meaning they need to live in an unpleasant area and subsist on low-quality food.

Litigation is sometimes necessary in divorce, yet it is unlikely to be harmonious. Collaborative divorce takes a different stance. Rather than trying to win at the other party’s expense, you try to find a solution to your problems. You accept your marriage is over and look for a peaceful way out that works for you and your children.

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