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Have a plan in mind to avoid custody trouble this summer

You may be among hundreds of other Kentucky parents who are shaking their heads and wondering how the school year passed by so quickly. With summer just around the bend, you likely will have to rearrange your schedule to provide for your children while they’re on summer break. If you happen to be a homeschooling family, you may still encounter challenges regarding vacations and decisions, such as whether to stop formal lessons from June through August, like your public and private school friends.

If you recently divorced, potential issues related to your kids may concern you, especially if your ex tends to be argumentative and often tries to turn your kids against you. The bottom line here is that no one can undermine your parental rights. Regardless what time of year it is, your spouse still has to adhere to your agreed-upon co-parenting plan. If you did not include specific terms regarding school breaks and vacations, you may need to request a modification of your court order.

Keep stress levels as low as possible

You and your kids have already worked hard to come to terms with your divorce and are likely well on your way to adapting to a new and happy lifestyle. Battling over legal issues with your former spouse is a sure way to ruin your summer. The following ideas may help you avoid major problems:

  • Children benefit from witnessing their parents’ willingness to cooperate for their sakes. Knowing that summertime includes out-of-the-ordinary schedules and plans, it may be best to agree to compromise as best you can to accommodate your schedule and that of the other parent.
  • Some parents trade dates if one has a special, unplanned adventure in mind for the kids during summer or is, for some reason, unable to keep a commitment. For instance, you may agree to let your ex have the kids next Christmas if you get them during a particular week this summer to go to the beach.
  • It’s never a good idea to place children in the middle of your parental negotiations. They are not your messengers and may stress out if they feel they are doing their parents’ bidding for them.
  • It is critical to remember that, even if you and the other parent agree to change your parenting plan this summer, you are not free to deviate from your existing court order unless and until the court grants you permission. You or your ex may request modification, but it does not take effect without the court’s approval.

Post-divorce problems needn’t be the end of your summer fun. If you know your rights and where to seek support, you can get things back on track and enjoy building memories with your kids.

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