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Does health impact parenting time decisions?

There are a lot of different factors that go into a parenting time decision when parents get divorced. Ideally, parents will work together to find a schedule that fits for their family. But, if they cannot agree on a solution themselves, the court can create an order for them that they have to follow.

To do this, the court weighs many different factors and considers the child’s best interests. There are a few different ways in which a child’s and parent’s health can influence these decisions, so it’s important to know how this works.

Can you care for the child?

First of all, the court will likely look at your health and your ex’s health. If they do, they will consider both mental and physical aspects of your health. They need to know that you will actually be able to provide the type of care that the child needs.

Some parents have conditions that may make this difficult. They may still get visitation, as that relationship with the child is so important, but the court has to make sure the child would be healthy and safe with them exclusively. 

Does the child have specific needs?

Additionally, the court is going to look at the child’s health. Do they have any specific needs due to a disability, illness, disease, physical limitations or other health concerns? Are they struggling with any mental or physical issues that require a special level of care from their parents? 

The court often wants both parents to be involved in a custody plan, but they also have to make sure that is ideal for the child in their unique situation.

What if it gets complicated?

These are very important decisions for courts to make and critical details for parents to consider. If things get complicated, it’s important for them to know about their legal options in Kentucky.

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