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Divorce is common for pro athletes

Spouses who can’t spend time together often end up unhappy. The constant traveling that comes with being a professional athlete can be problematic to their marriage. In fact, The New York Times reports that 60-80% of “pro” marriages end in divorce. That is higher than the national average of 50%.

Besides traveling, a player who turns pro dedicates a lot of time to conditioning, practicing and playing sports. This kind of dedication is the reason why they became a professional player. Unfortunately, spending so much time away from home can be detrimental to their marriage.

Why do pro athletes often get divorced?

When an athlete becomes a professional, they often enjoy celebrity status. There are a lot of perks to being a celebrity athlete. Probably the biggest perk of all is the salary that they earn. Coupled with endorsements for sports drinks and sneakers, professional athletes can provide very well for their families.

Unfortunately, they don’t always save that money for their family. Instead, they seek out entertainment on the road. Gambling and excessive spending are not unusual for a pro athlete. The spouse left behind, however, may not take too kindly to the amount of money being carelessly spent.

Temptation is another problem that professional athletes face on the road. They may be unfaithful to their spouse simply because they are lonely. Because gossip spreads like wildfire, it doesn’t take long for the spouse at home to hear that their spouse cheated on them.

When divorce is imminent

The lifestyle of a professional athlete who frequently travels does not necessarily bode well for sustaining a marriage. If you are considering divorce, take some time to reflect on the options that are available to you before you make that final decision.