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Common mistakes to avoid in a divorce

It is hard to imagine someone getting married with the intention of getting divorced later on. Because of this, when a couple gets married and later finds themselves facing a divorce, it is unlikely that either of them knows what to do to protect themselves through the divorce.

When nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, it is important to know what you can avoid to defend your needs best if a divorce should ever come. Here are five mistakes to avoid when going through your divorce:

Failing to advocate for yourself

Some spouses will take a back seat in their own divorce in hopes of getting things done sooner. When you are not standing up for your best interests, you face consequences that can leave you with years of regret after your divorce.

Opting to split everything 50/50

While working to divide assets evenly, it may seem like splitting everything down the middle is the best option. This may not be the case, as some assets may not have the same liquid value as they do currently. If you own a rental property that is regularly paying rent each month, it may not be worth as much if you simply sell the property.

Getting too emotional

When you let your emotions get in the way of your negotiations in a divorce, you may end up giving up more than you should for a sentimental asset. Fighting to keep a car that you built yourself or the first home you purchased may wind up costing you far more than those assets’ actual value.

Not getting alimony insurance

The alimony a spouse receives is supposed to help support them in their years after a divorce, but that does not mean that the receiving spouse will earn their full alimony. If the spouse paying alimony passes away before filling their alimony obligations, the receiving spouse may miss out on essential income. Alimony insurance protects the alimony that you would receive if your former spouse should pass away or loses the ability to earn income on their own.

Getting divorced without an attorney

If your spouse suggests pursuing a collaborative divorce or divorce through mediation, you should still have an attorney at your side to help you. Without the guidance of an experienced lawyer, you may miss out on opportunities to earn the outcome you deserve in your divorce. Your lawyer can also help you avoid making these or other mistakes during your divorce, so be sure to rely on their guidance to help you through such a difficult time.

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