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Can you take the kids out of state when you share parenting time?

Trying to reconnect with your children and help them heal after a divorce is difficult. Your children will have intense emotional responses to the disruption in the family unit, and you will likely undergo significant personal changes during that time as well.

Choosing to make new memories with your children could be a way to overcome those new strains on your relationship with them. With summer vacation right around the corner, you might think that this is the perfect time to take your children to an amusement park or a little-known beach that you used to visit with your parents in another state.

Can you travel out of state with your children after your divorce? 

What does your parenting plan say?

In general, the division of parenting time in a Kentucky divorce will keep both parents active in the lives of the kids. You and your ex both have control over what you do with the children during your parenting time, including traveling to enjoy a vacation with the kids.

However, your parenting plan may include some restrictions on your parenting decisions. For example, there may be a clause restricting travel with the children. If you included those restrictions in your parenting plan, then you may need to go back to court for modification or get approval from your ex to plan a trip. Approval is often necessary for international trips even without restrictions in a parenting plan.

Communicating with your ex and knowing your rights in Kentucky will make it easier for you to share parental responsibilities and reconnect with your children after a divorce.

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