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Can child support include college tuition?

When it is time for you and your spouse to part ways, it can be challenging to divide a joined life back into two. In the midst of negotiations regarding your property and other assets, you need to make agreements regarding your children.

As you consider your child’s future, you will likely imagine what they will do for college and beyond. While you and your spouse may have planned to pay for college together, getting a divorce can change your plans for supporting your child and their future.

This is what you should know about child support and college tuition in Kentucky.

Kentucky rules

Deciding who pays for college can be difficult. While your child is technically an adult when they start college (or soon after), they may not be ready to tackle the financial responsibility that comes with continuing their education.

In some states, there are clear rules regarding how much courts might require a parent to pay towards a child’s college tuition. In Kentucky, however, parent expectations depend on what agreement you reach during your divorce proceedings.

Negotiating your divorce

When you are divorcing with children, it is essential to consider all factors. If your children are especially young, deciding on aspects of their future, like college, can be incredibly challenging.

Although college (and the costs associated with it) may seem far off, discussing it and coming to an agreement while negotiating the other terms can be critical to determining a fair amount of support for your children. Depending on your circumstances, you may not be able to renegotiate these terms and be left trying to support your children through college on your own.

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