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Are these issues causal factors in your divorce?

When you first started having marital problems, you may have thought it was par for the course. In fact, in some aspects, it may have indeed been so, since most married couples experience ups and downs in their relationships through the years. However, people can resolve some issues more easily than others. You may be one of many spouses in Kentucky who determined that a particular problem or series of events was a deciding factor in your decision to divorce.

There are many community support networks in place to help people in similar circumstances to your own to come to terms with their situations. More often than not, spouses often tap into legal resources to help them protect their assets or otherwise deal with problems that arise during divorce proceedings. It is always a good idea to have both personal and professional support. It’s also helpful to clearly understand what caused your divorce in the hope of avoiding similar problems in the future.

People who divorce often cite these reasons

How long you’ve been in a marriage may not be as pertinent to the cause of your divorce as other issues in your marital relationship. The following list includes some of the most common factors spouses say significantly influenced their decisions to divorce:

  • Marriages that face fidelity problems are at high risk for divorce. A single affair may not be a permanent detriment, but repeated infidelities often cause irreparable harm in a marriage.
  • Lack of respect seems to be a major issue in many divorces as well. If you feel that your spouse doesn’t respect you, it can cause a major rift in your relationship.
  • Many spouses say they have no trouble talking to their spouse; the problem is that there is no healthy communication. Spouse who feel misunderstood for long periods of time often wind up filing for divorce.
  • Did your spouse say that he or she shared your dream of having children before you married and then changed his or her tune after the wedding day? Disagreements about whether or not to have kids are often main factors in divorce.

Regardless what particular issues led to your decision, you may come away from the process a lot less unscathed if you have a strong support network in place. Close friends or family members, especially those who also went through a divorce, can offer emotional support and practical advice as you adapt to a new lifestyle. They can also point you in the right direction for legal assistance if needed.

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