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A collaborative divorce could safeguard your mental health

Most couples make a substantial investment in their marriage in terms of emotions. Generally, marriage is viewed as consolidating the fact that partners want to spend their whole life together.

Consequently, when a marriage breaks down, the emotional trauma can be significant. Both the divorce procedure and adjusting to life post-separation have the potential to lead to mental health difficulties. A collaborative divorce could ease some of these negative impacts, and here’s why.

Lengthy litigation can be avoided

The uncertainty, costs and time consumption around court cases can lead to heightened stress levels. Ultimately, no matter how well you prepare a case, your future hangs in the balance of a judge. A collaborative divorce can help you to avoid all of this. Both you and your spouse will be able to have significant input on the process, thus retaining control over the situation. With effective communication, all parties could end up in a favorable position.

An approach that is less adversarial

Court cases tend to be viewed as a winner takes all process, but your divorce doesn’t need to be this way. The bitterness, defensiveness and potential aggression can be cast aside with a collaborative procedure. Rather than attacking each other and scoring points, you and your former spouse can focus on settling matters amicably.

Keep your children out of the crossfire

Children often suffer the most during a divorce and both parents will want to avoid this. A collaborative divorce could help in this regard. By both parents engaging in constructive communication, the child can see that problems can still be overcome as a family. Also, if children are left out of any arguments, they will know that their needs are truly the top priority for both parents.

Divorce is never easy but there are ways for the family to get through it. Gaining a firmer understanding of collaborative law could ensure that you make the decisions that work best for you.

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