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A collaborative divorce can save time and money

In the past, divorce was thought of as an adversarial process wherein one party wins all and the other is left with nothing. Nonetheless, this perception of divorce is gradually starting to change.

Collaborative divorce has become much more popular in recent years. This approach still requires both parties to have their own legal representation, but the aim is for both parties to work together rather than compete for a favorable outcome.

This approach to divorce has numerous potential benefits. It can help to reduce conflict, which makes divorce easier for both spouses and their children to process. Additionally, it can save you both time and money.

Bypassing the discovery process

When both parties to a legal dispute are focused solely on winning, they may be reluctant to pass on documents and other relevant information. Heavily-litigated divorces typically require a discovery process, wherein one party requests documents and information from the other. This doesn’t tend to happen quickly.

It can take several months before both parties have the information they are entitled to, such as financial statements and property deeds. With a collaborative approach, crucial information tends to flow much more freely, saving parties both time and money.

Minimizing conflict

As the name suggests, collaborative divorce aims to have both parties work together to find equitable solutions. This doesn’t mean that either party must sacrifice their rights or priorities, it just means that they will not enter the divorce process with the mindset that it is going to be a battle. This approach can reduce tension, anger and other negative emotions, paving the way for a much more effective, low-stress divorce.

If collaborative divorce sounds like something that could suit your situation, then it will be beneficial to find out more about the subject by seeking legal guidance accordingly.

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