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3 tips for self-care when going through a divorce

Obtaining a divorce is a major decision that can significantly alter certain aspects of your life. It is only natural to feel sadness at the end of a relationship and anxiety over the future. 

However, you can take a more positive view of divorce. Life after a divorce may be an opportunity to consider new ventures and set out to achieve different goals. Having a positive outlook could be of great benefit to you. Outlined below are three tips for self-care when going through a divorce. 

Establish a support network 

Having close family and friends around you can greatly ease the pressure of divorce proceedings. Also, there may be an opportunity to reconnect with people that you lost touch with during marriage. Often, your loved ones may have been through similar experiences, which could offer useful insight as well as different coping mechanisms. 

Stay organized 

It is not uncommon for the divorce proceedings to feel unnerving. Having a strong daily routine can assist in offering you security and purpose. Additionally, staying busy may minimize empty time periods where you have time to overthink and cause yourself to feel anxious. 

Partake in enjoyable activities 

It could be helpful to continue to engage in activities that you have always enjoyed. Occasionally, individuals can neglect their hobbies and pastimes during the divorce process. However, continuing to enjoy regular activities can offer you a much-needed respite. Furthermore, there might even be an opportunity for you to learn and engage in something new.  

It is important to remember to take care of yourself during a divorce. Focusing on self-care can help both you and your loved ones. Additionally, you should remember that you have legal rights as a spouse in Kentucky.