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3 reasons you should give divorce a collaborative approach

It is no secret that divorce can be emotionally and financially taxing. Even under the best of circumstances, divorce is never a walk in the park. This is because divorce requires legal representation, finances, time and in some instances, a protracted court process.

A collaborative divorce is a legal process where the family court lets the divorcing couple negotiate the terms of their divorce. Through collaborative divorce, the couple is encouraged to utilize the resources at their disposal (including the use of mental health and financial neutrals) to resolve sticky aspects of the divorce such as child support and custody, spousal support and property division.

Here are three benefits of opting for a collaborative divorce over a court-litigated process.

Collaborative divorce is tailor-made

Collaborative divorce provides a divorcing couple a customized alternative to the traditional court-litigated divorce process. During the court-steered divorce, the judge usually takes control of the process and is guided by the law rather than the couple or family’s unique circumstances when making a ruling. In collaborative divorce, however, the couple gets to work with experts, and without the court’s pressure, to arrive at a tailor-made solution that takes care of everyone’s interests.

It is convenient

Collaborative divorce is steered by the two parties and at their pace. Meaning, it is up to the divorcing couple to come up with a schedule that suits them. This is unlike the court-steer process where the divorcing couple must be scheduled into the court’s calendar. This flexibility ensures that parties are more comfortable with the process and are able to negotiate pertinent issues in their case.

It is cost-effective

Unlike the court-litigated divorce process, a collaborative divorce tends to be quite cost-effective and efficient. It is clearly structured to ensure that the divorcing couple can focus on amicably addressing the sticky issues during the divorce process. Collaborative divorce ensures that the couple invests their resources in finding solutions rather than litigating the process.

Divorce is, by all accounts, a difficult and expensive undertaking. Find out how you can safeguard your rights and interests during the divorce process.

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