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3 potential reasons to keep the family home together

In divorce, most couples will decide to sell the family home. The reason for this is that it is easy. If they are dividing assets, selling the home means that they just have to divide the money that they made in the sale.

However, there are situations in which two divorced individuals will decide to keep their home together. This sounds strange, so why would they do it? Let’s look at three potential examples.

The children don’t want to move

First off, there are situations where children may not want to move away from their school system or their friends. Parents who have children in high school, for instance, may decide that they won’t sell the home until the children have graduated.

The value might go up

Additionally, some parents are looking at what they can get in that home sale. If they do a market analysis and decide that the house will probably sell for more in the future, they may keep it for a few years as an asset. This would benefit both parents if they could sell it for a larger amount of money at a later date.

They’re going to try birdnesting 

Finally, some parents will use birdnesting as a child custody solution. This is where both parents keep the house and alternate who lives in it, but the children live in it all of the time. Parents who are birdnesting need to have a family home that they both own, and then they also need to have another residence that they can live in when it is not their turn to have custody of the kids.

This whole process can get complicated, but you certainly have a lot of different options. You may need to take the time to look into the proper legal steps as you figure out what will be best for you and your family.

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