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3 groups of people collaborative divorce can benefit

Once upon a time, most people resolved their divorces by litigating. These days more and more couples realize collaborative divorce is a better option.

Unlike litigation, collaborative law is about reaching an agreement, not trying to beat the other person. It allows both parties to emerge victorious, thus reducing the chance that the one who lost continues the battle through court action or other means.

A conflict-filled divorce is bad for everyone

There is enough stress and unhappiness in the world without you adding to it by arguing over your divorce.Here are three sets of people who benefit if you collaborate:

  • Your children: Your kids suffer when they see you at loggerheads. If they see you cooperating to end your marriage, they will experience less stress and understand that divorce is not the end of the world and that things will be all right in the end.
  • Your friends and family: If you share friends with your spouse, divorce can leave them feeling uneasy. They may decide the only way to avoid offending one of you is to no longer invite either of you to gatherings. If they can see you can still talk to your spouse enough to sort out issues, they will feel more comfortable.
  • You and your spouse: Your marriage did not work out, but that does not mean you need to hate each other for the rest of your lives. If you can keep the divorce civil, it makes it easier to put the past behind you. This is vital if you have kids, as you will need to communicate as co-parents regularly for years to come.

The more you learn about using collaborative law for divorce in Kentucky, the more you will wonder why everyone does not do it. It really is a win-win for all concerned.

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