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2 reasons a teenager’s phone can strain parenting plans

Parents in Kentucky may struggle with certain elements of shared parental responsibility. Scheduling conflicts and differing personal values can often make it hard for parents to share decision-making authority and parenting time with their children. Ideally, you will take the time to address likely sources of conflict in your parenting plan so that you can minimize the disputes you encounter in the future.

Especially as your children enter middle school and high school, their technological wishes will inevitably become a parenting challenge. You may have had to establish rules about when your children will receive their own phones or how they use them. 

How might your children’s desire for mobile technology strain the relationship between you and their other parent? 

There may be disagreements about payments

Mobile phone service isn’t cheap, and the devices themselves often cost hundreds of dollars even if someone purchases them used or refurbished. If you haven’t already addressed the cost of cell phone service and device purchase, it could lead to a disagreement between you and your co-parent. You may need to agree to split the cost or have one parent add the children to their plan when the time comes. 

You may disagree about how the child uses the phone

Many families impose restrictions on the use of screens and other digital technology. You and your co-parent could potentially have differing ideas about how much screen time is appropriate or what apps your children should use. 

The easiest way to prevent these issues from complicating your co-parenting relationship is to address them ahead of time if possible when you negotiate your parenting plan. Identifying potential sources of conflict when sharing parental responsibilities will reduce the tension between you and your co-parent.

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