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2 mistakes with the kids to avoid during divorce 

For many people, divorce is one of the most stressful life experiences they can go through. Things become even more complicated when children are involved. While there are likely to be certain issues during the divorce that you and your spouse do not see eye-to-eye on, from property division to child custody, one of the worst mistakes you can do is drag your children into your disputes. 

Protecting your children at all times (and especially during difficult times like divorce) should be your top priority. For that reason, there are two don’ts you need to steer clear of as far as your child’s well-being is concerned during the divorce:

Don’t put the kids in the middle of your divorce

It is not uncommon for some parents to turn to their kids in search of “ammunition” they can use against their spouses during the divorce. Well, this puts the children in the middle and makes them feel they should spy on the other parent. If you have concerns or really want to know something, talk to your spouse directly. Do not drag your kids into adult conversations, more so if they are too young to process what is going on.

Don’t put your spouse down in front of the kids

Disparaging or talking negatively about your spouse in the presence of the kids is never a brilliant idea. Of course, this can be a very difficult rule to observe, especially if you are angry, bitter and spiteful.

Still on matters disparaging your spouse, never pit the kids against the other parent. Typically, kids deserve love and care from both parents. As such, they are not going to benefit when one parent is constantly pitting them against the other parent. This, at the very basic, isparental alienation and it will only harm the kids in the long run.

Putting your children’s best interests first

One of the most important concerns before, during and after the divorce ought to be your child’s well-being. Learning what you can (and cannot) do to your kids during the divorce can help safeguard their best interests during this time of tumult.

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