When a child is born to two unmarried parents, it is necessary to establish paternity with the courts in order to create a parent-child relationship between the child and father. It is also necessary to establish paternity before any child support or custody and visitation issues can be addressed before the court.

A DNA test (also referred to as paternity test) may be done in order to determine whether a man is the biological father of a child. Should the parties agree as to paternity without the necessity of a DNA test, the parties can enter an acknowledgement of paternity or agreed judgment of paternity that is then recognized by the court. The Dietz & Overmann, PLLC attorneys educate clients on the process of establishing paternity and the legal benefits and ramifications of doing so.

The DO Family Law lawyers represent both fathers and mothers in these actions. Parents need to establish paternity in order to accomplish the following if the child was born out-of-wedlock:

  • Obtain legal and physical child custody rights if you are the father
  • Have child support ordered
  • Obtain visitation rights with a child if you are the father
  • Be reimbursed for expenses associated with the child

The family law attorneys at Dietz & Overmann can help navigate the process of establishing paternity.