Cohabitation Agreements

When a couple decides to reside together without being legally married, they should consider entering a co-habitation agreement. Many times such couples do not consider what will happen should they separate. Unlike married couples, unmarried couples are unable to utilize the family court system to divide assets and debts, and determine child custody and support issues.

The attorneys at Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, assist unmarried couples who are living together or thinking about living together enter a co-habitation agreement.

A co-habitation agreement sets forth each person’s responsibilities during the relationship and how assets and debts are to be divided should the relationship terminate.

Unmarried couples do not have the same legal rights as married couples. For instance, the members of the couple are not entitled to the other’s estate, permitted to make medical decisions for the other, or able to collect retirement or life insurance benefits from the other. DO Family Law lawyers can assist unmarried couples with achieve these rights through estate planning documents.