Child Support

When a child is born, both the mother and father are required to take on the obligation of supporting the child financially. When the mother and father are not living together financially supporting the child or children, child support is ordered in order to ensure that both parties are contributing to the financial needs of the child.

The Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, child support lawyers, assist clients, both mothers and fathers, during the initial child support obligation process. Both the state of Kentucky and the state of Ohio have guidelines for calculating child support. The guidelines are based on both parents’ income (and/or earning capacity) and the number of children to be supported.

In some cases, a parent may present to the court reasons as to why the child support guideline amount is inappropriate or unfair and asks the court to deviate from the guidelines. In other cases, there are issues with establishing the amount of income one or each of the parents earns. This occurs when the parent only works sporadically, is self-employed, is under-employed, or runs a cash business. The DO Family Law child support attorneys represents both father and mother to ensure that the amount of support order is correctly calculated.

After the initial determination of the child support obligation, there may be a need to review or modify the child support amount when there are changes with either the parties’ careers or the custody and parenting time arrangement. The Dietz & Overmann, PLLC child support attorneys help clients through these “post-decree” child support situations too.