Child Custody and Visitation

The legal and physical custody of a child is an important part of a divorce, dissolution or legal separation, involving children. A determination of custody is also necessary when there are two parents who are not married at the time a child is born, or when a parent is unable to properly care for a child. Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, assists client through this emotional and confusing experience.

We represent mother, fathers and relatives in Kentucky and Ohio in child custody actions involving: legal custody, physical custody, parenting time, visitation, shared parenting, and relocation.

Each family is unique and it is important for the parties of a case involving children focus on the best interest of the child or children. The DO Family Law custody lawyers can work with you to come up with a parenting plan that will be best for the child or children. We help clients generate customized options that are right for their family and situation.