Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separation

When a couple decides to end their marriage, the attorneys at DO Family Law can help them navigate the legal process and explain the various steps and stages of the process.

The attorneys at Dietz & Overmann, PLLC, represent clients in all types of cases to terminate the legal relationship between a married couple in Kentucky and Ohio, including, legal separation, divorce and dissolution. DO Family Law lawyers represent both wives and husbands in these types of actions.

The ultimate goal of a divorce, dissolution or legal separation actions is the separate the parties, their property and, if there are children, determine custody. The parties either reach an agreement on these issues or a trial occurs where the judge or magistrate decides these issues.

There are various approaches for parties that are contemplating or going through a divorce, dissolution or legal separation and the DO Family Law attorneys work with our client to create a personalized approach that is best for them.